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What Are The Alpha Male Traits In Bed? – Uncensored Guide!

What are the alpha male traits in bed?

    • Dominance – He takes control in bed. Lead her all the way.
    • Passionate – He makes her lose her control in bed. He gives her multiple orgasms.
    • Adventurous – He knows what he does and not afraid to stand out.
    • Go-getter – He gets what he wants. No, he doesn’t ask for it.

Who doesn’t love no-bullshit intros?

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He takes control in bed


Dominance is the sexiest trait of an alpha male.  He controls his woman and leads her all the way. In fact, women are sexually attracted to the concept of being controlled.

Alpha males like it rough in bed and he does whatever he wants as long as she consents to it. Secretly, all women want the same. She wants her man to grab her ass, hold her hair and make her his naughty little girl. Alphas know well that it turns her on.

He knows for sure that more dominant he is, more submissive and feminine his woman can be. It makes easier for her and harder she comes. Even multiple times.

However, alphas are confident af. He won’t mind if his woman wants to control him for a change. In fact, he loves a strong woman who can take care of herself – both in and out of bed.

He knows what he does 

And does different things every time to keep sex interesting.

Alpha knows that women love to be owned in the bedroom. Women don’t want some boring guy who fucks her the same way and climaxes before she does.


Alphas know how to please his woman. He knows that if she is bored during sex, she will never cum. So he does the following things to keep sex not boring:

  • Dirty talkIf she loves it, he will definitely do it.
  • Spanking and hair grabbing – He uses his hands wisely.
  • Anal play – What he does with his hand while not spanking.
  • Position switching – Exploring something new is always exciting.
  • Vaginal stimulation  – Stimulating the G-spot while penetrating will drive her crazy.
  • BDSM – If she is down.
  • Changing spots – Randomly initiating sex in the kitchen to going for another round in the showers. Alphas never forget to surprise her.

alpha male traits in bed - switch positions

However, alphas understand that no matter how good is he in bed, there is always room for improvement. Maybe his woman will teach him something new (what she secretly wanted). So, he is never self-absorbed.

He gets what he wants


But he never asks permission, he tells her what to do in a sexy voice. Girls go crazy over it.

If he wants his woman to blow him or switch positions, then he will seductively tell her that and guide her through it. He doesn’t hurt his woman unless she wants to be (See what I did there?).

He never asks his woman for sex. If he wants to have sex with his woman, then he is not afraid to randomly lift her, take her to the bed, and start making love.

Unexpected sex is the best sex, without a doubt.

He makes her lose control in bed


Alpha males give their woman wants. He is a master of sex and never hesitates to eat her out, play with her boobs or stimulate her clits. By doing this, he makes her cum all the time, every time.

He knows that foreplay is something that she loves and it gets her wet. It makes him easier to attain his primary aim, i.e, to please her in bed and make her attain multiple orgasms.

So, he plays with her hair, kisses her on the lips, slowly moves to the ears and nibbles it, goes down on the neck kissing, plays with her nipples while rubbing her back lovingly and then goes to the vagina. 

An alpha male makes her weak at the knees with his manhood. He isn’t some selfish pussy, who reaches climax first and leaves his woman midway. His greatest pleasure is to hear her moan when he thrust his cock deep into her.

After the sweet intimate time is over, he tells her how amazing she is. He kisses her passionately and cuddles with her. Heck, even starts another round if she wants it too.

An alpha male in the bedroom knows it his job to provide his woman what she wants. He will make her feel special and loved.

So, these are the 4 sexy alpha male traits in bed.

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