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How To Walk Like An Alpha Male | Walk With Confidence

Hello to all the future alpha males who are still perfecting the traits to become an alpha male!
Searching for successful ways to become an alpha male? You’ve come to the right place, my friend.
First of all, Being an alpha male isn’t something that you learn over a night. It requires a certain period of time to perfect all the characteristics of an Alpha .
Being an Alpha male,
# It’s an attitude.
# It’s something you show off proudly.
# It’s something that’s embedded into your body.
# It’s something that you never want to lose.
# It’s something you wear all the time.
# It’s something which makes you proud of yourself.
# It’s something which makes others jealous of you.
# It’s something which others try to learn from you.
# It’s something which makes you stand out in a crowd.
# It’s something which makes others respect you.
And believe me when I tell you this,
# It’s something that makes girls go crazy for you.
I think that’s enough to get you boosted. Now let’s talk about one of the main characteristic of an alpha male. Without further ado, let’s get started!!

Many of you might be wondering what’s wrong with my walk? What a walk could possibly do?
Your walk,
# Determines your attitude.
# Determines your character.
# Determines your confidence level.
# Determines what kind of person you are.
# Determines your taste.
# Determines if you are the right man for the job.
And yes, that’s freakishly lot of determining from a walk. Now to the most important part,



The first and the most important trait. Walk as if you own the room. Walk as if you know everybody in the room. Let’s take a scenario. Suppose you are attending an interview, do the interviewers select a man who isn’t even confident enough to walk boldly into the room? No they don’t. They look for a person whose walk shout out their confidence level. They need a person who is confident enough to walk into the room as if he owns it. In short, they need an alpha male! Be an alpha male and the job is yours and in a couple of years, you will be the one on the interviewer seat.


There are a lot of differences between seeing and observing. Just because you are seeing does not mean that you are observing. Observing is more than seeing something. It’s a mental process involving both visual and thought. When you are walking, observe the things that are happening around you. Always be aware of your surroundings. People may think you’re just walking, but they don’t know that an alpha male does more than just simply walking. In short, Be a Sherlock Holmes while observing!


I’m saying this not just as an idiom but an actual sentence. Keep your chin at 80-90 degrees to your neck. It really describes your level of self confidence. You keep your head held high and people think you are fearless and confident enough to take down a bull.



Of course attitude is everything. All your money or what position you’re in doesn’t determine who you are. Only your attitude determines who you are. A walk filled with positive and legendary attitude is what that makes an alpha male more sexy. There’ll be people who may or may not be watching you while you make a move. You’ve got to give them something to make them awe. That’s where your attitude filled walk comes in. Don’t let the people take their eyes off you. An Alpha male always keep the people around them remain awestruck with their every move.


”Caring only makes you weak. They think you care, they’ll walk all over you! ”

Ahhh the Harvey Specter quote. Couldn’t write a post about alpha male without mentioning Harvey Specter, could we?  Anyways, coming back to the topic,  walk like you fear fucking no one in this damn world. Never give someone the chance to blackmail you. Do nothing wrong or make the wrong look right so that no one will use that against you. Once you’re free and have no chance of losing anything, automatically you’ll get a fear-free alpha walk.


How to walk like an alpha male?

You probably know by now that people do judge you based on how you look and what you wear. Likewise, the way you walk is essential to make a killer first impression. You can make them subconsciously think you are a high-value man or an alpha male just by possessing a mighty strut.

Imagine a millionaire in a $2000 suit walking across you, narrow stance, slow pace, and short strides  with hip swings

Deadly combo that gives off the wrong signal to women that you are gay

but even a regular dressed guy can intimidate  you if he walks like

conor mcrgregor walk of confidence (just do and see how your confi grows)

The good news is that it takes only a week to get that confident alpha male walking style.

Here are 10 tips to walk sexy with confidence like an alpha male would.

alpha male walking style
Conor McGregor doing the Billionaire Strut


Have a wide stance

An alpha male is never afraid to occupy space to show how powerful he is. Shy and weak guys tend to take up less space subconsciously to avoid attention. The same applies to your stance.

Unless you already have a pretty wide stance it might seem awkward at first…. but its the way a man should walk.  The width of the stance will vary accordingly while you stand and walk



Your heels should not be pointing inwards or extremely outwards. It should be like the picture below.

alpha male walking style

As far as the width of the stance is concerned, there are two things to remember

  1. Shoulder width stance while standing (like the photo below)
  2. Hip width stance while walking (like the photo above)

alpha male standing style

This is how wide your stance should be while standingWalk in parallel lines

You should always have a wide stance even if you are standing or walking. It should be as wide as your hips are.

The wider your stance is the confident and dominant you feel. If you are walking and someone bumps into you or pushes you, you are more likely yo fall your stance is narrow (walking in an imaginary line), and if your stance is wide you will have more balance and stability.

Men walk in two parallel lines and women walk on a single line. This is the reason why women’s hip sways as they walk.

Never ever let your thighs rub at each other while you walk. This might be because of your weight. If you are/were overweight, your knees slightly bend inwards ( knock-knees ) causing your thighs to rub off each other.

spread your legs, gentlemen

Pay attention and spread your heels out a bit.

I highly recommend you videotape yourself. Look at the way you walk normally and then look to make some corrections.

For practicing a wide stance you may have to start practicing at home walking while watching your feet, in parallel lines. It is like learning to touch type or typewriting, once you get comfortable with the finger placements, you can type anything you want without even looking at the keyboard.

Head up and look in the eyes

Not your feet. Unless you are practicing your wider stance AT HOME.

Looking down at your feet while walking is a sign of weakness and bad posture. You have to keep your head up, jawline parallel to the ground and chin pointing outwards while standing or walking.

why are alpha males loners

Looking people in the eye is a sign of confidence. All you have to do is maintain eye contact for at least 2-3 seconds. Don’t stare at them endlessly as if you are a creep.

You should look forward while you walk and switching focus to one person to another while walking. And if a hot woman pass by you maintain eye contact till she breaks it.  and notice the way she breaks the eye contact — if she looks down, she is probably intimidated by you (in a good way!) and it’s your opportunity to go approach her.

You can make a way in a moving crowd by looking forward at the direction you go. 

Smile and nod

walk like an alpha

If you happen to make eye contact with someone, irrespective of the gender, don’t just stare and move away. Just smile (genuinely) at them and let the happiness spread. Believe me, a simple smile at the right moment can do wonders. All you have to do is Occupandi temporis ( seize the moment). Oh and one small thing …..Remember, smiling is contagious

Pro Tip:

  1. A toothy smile/grin is charming. Use this smile on people who smile at you first, especially gentlemen and elders. Never use it on women (if you are trying to be flirty) as it will give her a nice guy vibe.
  2. A closed-lip smile/ smirk is mysterious and sexy. Use this smile on ladies with a wink.

James Bond smirk smile alpha

If they smile back at you, gently nod or even greet them with a good morning, good afternoon, depending upon the time.

Chest out and shoulders back 

Stand up Straight: Hunching over will only make your stride weaker and not strong or confident!

The rest of you may be a little shocked… especially if you work a desk job.

DO NOT: Slouch – In addition to bad posture, which could lead to health problems down the road, slouching shows a lack of confidence and usually sets off a chain reaction of ‘do nots’ when it comes to walking such as shoulders forward, back hunched and chest pointed towards the ground. So no slouching.

Chin up, back straight. GOOOOOOD POOOSTURE IS IMP

MINE —- Why chest out and shaoulders back – because it makes you more vulnerable, and it is a very attractive trait of an alpha male. It is like an alpha male telling you “Come at me bro”

DO: Chest Up, Shoulders Back and Back Straight Don’t cover them up,. Back straight with your chest up and shoulders back is one of the main signs of confidence, so doing this one is a must. But remember not to overdue this one or like a alpha gorilla.

There are many exercises out there to improve your posture. But, this one hack helped me improve my posture. (Video embedded at timestamp 3:56)

(Credits – Teachingmensfashion)

Sway your shoulders

Male models do this all the time.

Having a shoulder swagger signals to a woman that you are confident, energetic, and sexy. Its a way of showing off your badass attitude.

A 2007 New York Univ. study shows that men who sway (moving up and down) their shoulders while walking are two times attractive than they were perceived.

Let’s be honest, we find women who sway their hips while walking hot and sexy. Similarly, women find men who sway their shoulders while walking super attractive and masculine.

Another study reveals that men (and women) sway their shoulders naturally (or hips, in case of women) while being gazed by the opposite sex.  

Your shoulders moving up and down with each step you take, combined with a fit body is enough to make girls roll their eyes when you take off your shirt in the beach or in any other shirtless occasion.

However, you have to practice this in front of the mirror/ record yourself to get that right amount of swaying else you will be looked upon as a try-hard.

Swing ’em arms


Less is more! While women tend to move their arms a lot and do all kinds of shapes and forms for men it’s rather simple. Have the arms rolled back and relaxed by your side. Moving your arms too much looks nervous so just let them move with the natural flow of your walk! Do not close or fold your arms- again: Everything that closes you down will be interpreted as a sign of protection and insecurity. You want to stay open and convey relaxation and confidence.

DO: Hands Relaxed – keeping your hands out in the open indicates confidence and shows people you have nothing to hide. You do have nothing to hide, don’t you? Also, don’t clench your fists, you’ll look like you wanna fight someone, struggling to hold in a fart or can’t wait to tell someone you’re a vegan.

You get nervous, tighten up your hands into a fist, and barely move your arms as you’re walking around. If you have to do something really anxiety-inducing like walking on stage to give a speech, you literally do not move your arms. Now everyone can see how anxious you are.

A lot of men don’t notice when they’re doing this. Make a conscious effort to relax your arms and hands and let them move.

  1. No Crossing Your Arms: If you cross your arms you will look awkward like you are covering your naked body! It also makes you look utterly ridiculous!
  2. No Flapping your arms: Keep your arms calm and make sure they don’t flap. I recommend you exercise your biceps like I do every day to keep my arms strong and prevent them from flapping!
  3. Putting your arms in your pocket: If you are a guy it looks like you are clutching your testicles! If your a woman than it just looks odd! Don’t do it. ME – HIDING A BONER. DO NOT: Hands in Pockets – putting your hands in your pockets encourages slouching in addition to making you look nervous, which is no good. Quit playing pocket pool and take those hands out and let them sway side to side, in perfect stride. Don’t put your hands in your pockets. Again, it’s going to hunch the shoulders and make you look more submissive.

Also you can catch senoritas you slip when your hands are out 😉

Having your hands visible brings a number of advantages. People trust you more when they can see your hands. MMMEEEE- Especially palms, if your hands are clenched it may signal that you are hiding something or on your way to break someone’s nose.


Take balanced steps at a medium pace

Brisk but casual pace

long strides

Slow down your walking pace. You’re not in a hurry!

When guys are nervous, it often shows up in a quick, short-stepping, frantic kind of walk… the type of walk that tells people, “see ya later!” But not because they’ve got anywhere to be. Contrast that with the movement of the calm and unhurried alpha male, the guy who moves like the world runs on his schedule and like he’s in control of time itself.

short strides mean quick = nervous

Never walk fast as part of your normal walk. Instead, walk a little slower than normal, almost as if you’re swaggering. You’re an alpha, no one’s chasing you and you’re not rushing to please anyone else. Walk like you’re relaxed and confident.

This one shocked me. I’m a slow walker myself and I never saw this as a bad thing. But…

A 1995 study out of the Journal of Ethology and Sociobiology found that, on average, if a man walked faster he was perceived as higher status. 

When I looked at the research I found that it’s a combination of a number of the things we talked about. So if you’re putting your hands in your pockets, slouching forward, looking down, and walking slowly – that’s the walk of a low-status man with no confidence, nothing special to do, and nowhere special to be.

So it’s about finding that happy medium. If you’re perceived as a slow walker, maybe speed it up just a bit and see what happens.

Pay attention to how big of steps you take. Walk with moderately spaced, balanced steps. If your steps are too small you may seem feminine or like someone who’s always catching up with other people. On the other hand, huge steps imply that you’re clumsy. Take medium, shoulder length steps.

As opposed to female models you don’t want to shift your weight or cross your legs. Many men tend to have their legs too far apart which makes them look like a cowboy. Just have a solid stance around shoulder width apart and take slow and long steps! Moving too fast also conveys insecurity, You want to take long and really controlled steps to show balance and control while you move towards your destination!

DO: Walk Confident – Walk with purpose, like you know where you want to go and how to get there. Confidence is a part of your character and you have to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. Look at the animal kingdom, you don’t see a lion, bear or silverback gorilla looking insecure. They know they’re the baddest animals around and you should too. But remember, confident not cocky.

DO NOT: Quick, Nervous Walk – Alice in Wonderland. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? No, drugs weren’t the answer. What I was thinking of was the White Rabbit. And what was he known for? It was his quick, nervous shuffle as he constantly attempted to avoid Alice. He displayed a major lack of confidence in addition to avoiding another golden rule: If you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re late. The nervous shuffle wasn’t a good look for him, and it’s not a good look for you – even if you’re late, late, for a very important date.

Again, practice makes permanent. A lot of people have just gotten used to taking smaller steps.

This isn’t about leg length – I’m not asking shorter guys to take the same strides as big guys. I’m talking about proportionally good-sized steps for your body.

This may not matter most times, but when you’re going up in front of a group you want to walk with confidence.

Striding out there with long steps shows them you know where you’re going.

These points may seem small, but when they add up they can really sap your confidence and make you look weak. So do what you can to correct this. Again, the best way to learn to walk with confidence is to videotape yourself.

‘But Antonio, that’s too much work!’

No, it’s not. Invest that bit of effort in yourself. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. You only get one body and one life – take advantage of it.

Work out like an alpha male

Im talking about deadlifts and squats

Wall angels if you want to correct your posture

  1. Strengthen your legs: Make sure that your legs can support your body weight! With my intense leg workouts I know that my legs can support my 166 lbs!
  2. Shoulders are important for broad look
  3. To get rid of man boobs and big belly that bounce whenever you walk
  4. Amazing arms while swinging

Have I’m an alpha male mindset

why it matters

Walks that you should avoid

That video walks by buff dudes and power moves walk


Your walk should seem controlled and balanced. The more you train your focus on walking, the more it becomes routine. Proactively train yourself to control your walk, so your habits change naturally. You can even ask a friend to record you walking to see if your steps are balanced and under control.

You can’t expect to walk like an alpha male over a night. You have to put time and effort to get your walk right. Every good thing takes time, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right at the first time. Eventually, everything can be prefected over certain period of time.  So, Adios amigo!  Good luck mastering the Alpha walk. Until next time….

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