Fabric shower curtains to cut prices at home furnishings retailer Lowe’s

Lowes is looking to cut its prices on its own home furnishing to save some money and to keep consumers from feeling rushed in the long term.

The home furnishers chain, which owns Home Depot and Home Depot Supercenter, announced on Wednesday it will reduce prices for curtain rods and fabric shower curtains, a major item that some shoppers are calling the “Curb-a-Doodle” craze.

The company is cutting prices for a variety of items, including ceiling tiles, wall panels and door handles.

It is also announcing a $5 off discount for customers who order online at the discount store.

Lowes, which is the largest home furnisher chain in the U.S., has been hit by a surge in consumer spending since the housing market crashed and has been losing money since late 2016.

It said last month it would cut $5.5 billion in expenses this year.