How to take your house and its furnishings offline in 3 easy steps

How to get rid of the curtains in your house or office and take them offline.

The latest technology allows us to do it at home.

The curtains are the curtains.

It’s the curtains that make the house look great, and we all love them.

But when you get out to the outside world, the curtains are no longer there.

In this article, we will show you how to take them out and put them back in place.


Remove the curtains from the ceiling 2.

Remove and replace the curtains 3.

Remove curtains that don’t fit into the house 4.

Replace curtains that are falling off the ceiling 5.

Put curtains back in their place and add a window to the wall 6.

Remove curtain that hangs over the sink.


Put curtain back in its place and install a curtain rail 8.

Install a curtain to the ceiling.


Install curtains that hang over the bed.


Remove wall hangings and replace them with curtains for a more modern look.


Replace the curtains on the wall and install decorative curtains.


Install curtain rail on the door and hang curtain on the windows.


Add decorative curtains in the middle of the room to add a touch of decoration.


Add curtains on your living room and make the room look like a lounge.


Replace curtain rail in your bedroom to add an open space for lounging.


Add a curtain at the ceiling to add another space.


Install decorative curtains on each of the walls and add an opening in the wall for hanging up a book.


Add curtain in the kitchen to create a focal point for your TV. 19.

Add an extra curtain in your dining room to create more room for a TV. 20.

Add window on the back of your sofa to create an inviting place for a picnic.


Add one or two decorative curtains to your living area to make your space feel more spacious.


Add the curtains you removed in step 1 to a room and create an open area for relaxing.


Put a curtain up on the ceiling in your living/dining room to make the space more open.


Add more decorative curtains at the corners of your bedroom or living area.


Add or add curtains in an area on the floor for a stylish look.


Add extra curtains at either end of your dining area to add space to your table.


Add another curtain in between your chairs to add more privacy and make it more intimate.


Add several decorative curtains with the same colour as your curtains to add interest.


Add your curtains in a pattern that adds interest.


Add additional curtains in between the curtains for an elegant effect.


Add decorations in your room that add a sense of history or charm to your space.


Add up to a dozen decorative curtains for added interest.


Add some curtains to the side of your bed for added decoration.


Add new curtains to an area in your wall or ceiling for added privacy.


Add windows on the outside to create additional space for a window.


Add ceiling lights and lights in a decorative pattern that makes your room look more modern.


Add two or more decorative curtain rails to the sides of your wall for an additional touch of decor.


Add at least two decorative curtain rail sections at the top of your ceiling for additional decorative effect.


Add any number of decorative curtain sections on the side or side wall to add extra height.


Add all of the decorative curtain rows on the sides to add height.


Add over a dozen curtains to create the illusion of extra room in your space or create a unique entrance to your home.