What to expect in the opening of the new theatre at the Royal Shakespeare Company, August 2019

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre (RSTH) has announced the official opening date for its new £2.4 billion theatre in London’s Hammersmith and City centre.

The production, entitled A Winter’s Tale, will be presented by the Royal National Theatre and its director, Andrew Lloyd Webber.

According to RSLA officials, the show will be filmed in London and be the first of three films to be shown in London, with another two being shown in 2019.

While the official theatre opening will not happen until August 2019, RSTH officials said they expect to open the venue in early 2020.

RSTH will also be opening two new theatres in 2020, with two new performances of Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 2019, and the fourth, A Winter for King Arthur in 2020.

There will be new theatre shows at the two new venues, as well as a new theatre in the Hammersport Arts Centre.

The new theatre will be called the New Theatre, and will open on August 10.

It will be housed in the existing old theatre in Westminster, with the addition of new theatre seats.

The theatre will have a new floorplan, with a new canopy, and a new lighting system.

It will also feature a new bar, an expanded kitchen, and new lighting fixtures.

The show is being produced by the new production company, The Great Performers Theatre, which will produce the new show.

It is understood that it will also produce new production of Romeo & Juliet, The Merchant of Venice and A Winter in King Arthur. 

The Royal Shakespeare Centre is already undergoing renovations to its existing premises. 

In addition to the two theatres, there are plans for a number of new production areas including a new exhibition space, a new production space, and an open-air theatre.

The venue will open to the public on September 19, 2019, when it will be joined by two other new buildings in Hammersham.