When to wear your curtains for sale?

NHL’s 2018-19 season opens with the curtain curtain-closing ceremony at TD Garden on April 4.

In the first of two major events, the Stanley Cup is up for grabs.

The Bruins and Lightning will square off in the Stanley Trophy race.

In a series of games that begin at 7 p.m.

ET on Monday, Feb. 25, the first round of the Stanley Championship Series will start with a series finale at TD Arena on March 5.

The winner of that game will be determined by three ties.

In the second round, the winner of the Lightning/NHL Cup Final will face the winner from the Bruins/NBL Finals.

The Stanley Cup Final is a three-game series with the winner playing in the NBA Finals.

The top two seeds in the Western Conference will meet in the first-round series at the TD Garden in Boston on April 11.

The second round will begin on March 23 at the Garden with the Stanley Final.

The top two teams from each conference will meet on April 16 in the second-round of the NHL Playoffs.