‘Dancing With the Stars’ is ‘an incredible opportunity to do something’: A look at the latest news, celebrity gossip and more!

A look back at the year ahead: September 3 2018: The Biggest Awards: ‘I was in a different world,’ says the former contestant who played host to the show.

‘It’s a magical place to be in.’

September 6 2018: A look inside the ‘Dream Shake’ reality show: What was the ‘magic’ about being on the show?

October 16 2018: ‘It was such a surreal experience,’ says producer David Zappone.

‘The show was so fun and it was so different.’

October 17 2018: Biggest News: ‘The Bachelor’ winner Lindsay Lohan announces she’s engaged to actor and comedian Nick Jonas.

October 23 2018: What’s the ‘most important thing’ that you need to know this week?

October 30 2018: It’s the big day of the season, with the biggest winners announced.

November 5 2018: Who won the ‘Most Popular Bachelor’ contest?

November 7 2018: More celebrity gossip.

November 10 2018: New Bachelor-to-be Ashley Graham, who won the beauty competition, tells ABC’s Inside Edition: ‘We are the best.

We’re the most beautiful, we’re the best looking, we are the most amazing.

We are the greatest.’

November 14 2018: Former Bachelor contestant and ‘Dream Shine’ contestant Jenna Talackova reveals her shocking and hilarious story about how she and Nick Jonas started their romance.

November 21 2018: Will there be another ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ reunion this season?

November 22 2018: Ashley Graham reveals her secret to being the ‘Bachelorette of Paradise’.

November 23 2018, 11:00pm AEST: The latest celebrity news, with ‘The Bacheloretts’ winner Rachel Lindsay on ‘Inside Edition’.

November 25 2018: Ryan Lochte tells ABC News’ Inside Edition he has ‘no regrets’ about his comments about being cheated on by a contestant on ‘The Biggest Loser’.

November 27 2018: Are the latest celebrity divorces news?

November 28 2018: Jenna Talackson reveals she and her ex-boyfriend are going through a divorce.

November 29 2018: Ben Affleck reveals he has filed for divorce from ‘The Batman’.

November 30 2018, 10:00am AEST; The latest news and gossip.