How to get rid of the waxy residue from your shower curtains

You’ve probably seen it before, and you probably know what it’s like.

But for many people, the residue will remain even after years of cleaning, washing, drying and re-washing your shower curtain.

What’s more, this residue will probably leave your shower with a noticeable after-taste and can even make your shower cleaner than you’d like.

You can avoid the wacky residue by following a few simple tips, which we’ll share with you in this article.


Wash your shower and rinse your showerhead before using.

There’s no need to rinse your curtain, as it’s already washed.

Instead, you can just soak it in warm water for 10 minutes before you begin washing it.

If you’re unsure about washing a curtain, use a soft cloth or a towel to do so.

If this isn’t possible, try using a sponge or cloth to soak the curtain for a few minutes.

This way, you’ll be able to easily rinse it with water, as well as removing the residue.


Use a soft towel or cloth.

If you have a large area to cover, you should also wash your curtain using a soft-cloth or towel.

These products are made from soft, non-abrasive fabric that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

They will be much easier to remove residue and make your wash much easier.


Don’t reuse your shower towel.

If your shower towels have a rubber insert, it’s easy to get stuck in the shower head, and it will eventually rub against your shower, ruining your shower.

If that happens, use an old towel instead of reusing it.

It will be easier to wipe away residue.

You can also reuse a wash cloth or towel if you find it easy to use a damp towel, or if you wash a shower head after using the shower curtain and it’s sticky.


Use only the best products.

While it’s possible to use cheaper products to get the job done, the quality of the products you buy will depend on your budget and your preferences.

If the products are too expensive for you, try the following: 5.

Avoid expensive, high-end shower curtain products.

Many manufacturers offer cheaper, low-end products.

But if you’re looking for a cheap, high quality shower curtain, you may want to try these: 6.

Clean the outside of your shower head before using your shower door.

The outside of a shower curtain is made up of many layers of plastic, which can get stuck or stick to the sides of your door.

It’s best to use an after-wash detergent and a damp washcloth or rag to remove any residue before using the door.

Using the wash cloth will help to remove this residue.

When you’re finished, wipe it away with a clean, damp towel or rag.


Remove the plastic ring around your shower doors.

To get rid a little of the sticky residue, you might need to remove the plastic band around the shower door with a damp cloth.

Then, you could just leave the ring alone.


Don ‘t wash the shower with soap and water.

This will remove the grease and residue that is built up on the outside surface of your curtain.

You may need to use hot water to rinse the shower, as washing a shower will remove a lot of residue.

Instead of washing your shower using hot water, try a cold water rinse with the shower curtains.


Don’ t use a spray bottle to spray your shower carpet.

Spraying your shower will damage the shower carpet and it can be very messy, as you may not be able get all the excess residue out.

Instead spray your carpet with a mild soap and then let it dry before using any shampoo.


Use an air dryer or air dry sponge to dry your shower before using it.

This is a great way to get more of the shower water into your shower while drying it quickly.

This method will make your towel or curtain dry much quicker than using a dryer.


Don t use an electric dryer to dry towels.

This type of dryer may dry towels quicker, but it will not eliminate the residue and can still damage your shower floor.

Instead use a hot dryer, which will dry your towels much quicker.

This can make your towels last longer than using the dryer alone.