How to get rid of your broken patio door curtain

The best way to get your patio door covered is to simply remove it and replace it with a curtain.

You don’t need to have a special DIY project, but if you have one of those old fashioned curtains that you love but can’t afford to buy, you can definitely go with this method.

If you don’t have a spare curtain, this DIY method should also work.

You can find curtain covers at most hardware stores, fabric stores, online or you can buy them at fabric stores.

You’ll probably need to buy a small quantity of the curtain to make sure you don´t damage the fabric and the curtain can be removed by hand.

If that is the case, you may need to do some more research and find a curtain that’s smaller in size.

Here are the steps to do the DIY project.

Step 1: Remove the curtain cover.

You will need to take off the curtain covering first.

This can be easy if you take off all the excess fabric. If it isn´t, you will need the fabric to be soaked with water before you can take off.

If the curtain isn´lly visible when you remove it, you need to soak the fabric with water to get the curtain on.

It doesn´t have to be perfect, but it needs to be in place to prevent damage.

Step 2: Take off the fabric.

You need to cut the fabric that covers the curtain from one side of the fabric, leaving a little room on both sides to pull the curtain away from the fabric when you pull the fabric away from you.

It may be helpful to use a scissors or a knife to cut off some of the excess.

Step 3: Cut out the fabric for the curtain.

If there are more than two pieces of fabric on either side of your curtain, you should leave at least one piece of fabric open.

You may want to cut a piece to give you more room if the curtain is too big.

Step 4: Cut the fabric into strips, using a ruler or pencil.

It is also a good idea to cut out a piece that is shorter than the length of the piece you are cutting, as that will help the fabric stay on better.

Step 5: Thread a needle through the fabric on both of the sides of the cover.

If they are very small, you could thread a needle up to the seam of the seam.

If your curtain is a little bigger than you need, you might need to thread a thread through the seam on the inside of the front panel.

Step 6: Thread the needle through each piece of the covering and down to the front.

If all the fabric is still on the cover, you’re done.

Step 7: Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the second curtain.

Step 8: Take your curtain apart.

Remove the front cover and put the fabric back in.

The front curtain should be loose enough to get a sharp edge and no more than an inch or so long from the edge.

You should be able to remove the curtain easily if you don�t pull the cover away from your window.

Step 9: Cut away the fabric at the front of the patio door.

This will allow the fabric covering to slide off easily and leave a piece of cloth that can be pulled out.

If everything looks good, you are done.

If not, you have to take a little bit of the curtains fabric to get it off and pull it off again.

Step 10: You will want to pull off the remaining fabric at either side.

The curtain cover is now free to move around, but the curtain itself needs to come off.

This is easier if you are just pulling the curtain back and forth and there are no holes to take up space.

Step 11: Now, put the front curtain back on the patio.

You want to leave the curtain open so that it will slide around when you walk outside.

Step 12: Put the front door curtains back on and leave the door completely closed.

Step 13: Pull the curtain off the patio and put it in the patio to protect it from the rain.

This curtain should not be used in any other way, except for when you want to change the curtains for another day or night.

Step 14: You can leave the curtains hanging around to help keep the patio in good shape.

There is also an old fashioned way to keep the curtains in place while you walk around the patio: you just fold them up and put them under the patio for a quick fix when the sun comes up.

Step 15: Use these tips to get those old patio curtains back in place and to prevent any future problems.