How to make your own curtain rods

Cheap curtain rods are a staple of the kitchen and can be found at most restaurants.

But you can also make them from your own items.

This tutorial will walk you through how to make a cheap curtain rod holder that can be put up to make the perfect gift for anyone who likes to entertain themselves.

You will need a ruler, a knife, scissors, and a small amount of vinegar.1.

Cut the ends of the rods, or whatever you want.

I cut the ends off of my rod holders.

The rods are the easiest way to attach them to the ceiling and can hold a lot of food.2.

Put the rod holder on the ceiling.

I put a curtain rod on the end of a curtain, and attached it with a rope to my bedsheet.3.

Place the rod holders in a corner of the room and cover it with towels.

I made my rods to fit on my bed sheet, and the rods can be placed on my kitchen counters or other surfaces.4.

You’ll want to hang the rod rods from the ceiling at least 2 inches above the ceiling fan, so the rod is at the top of the fan.5.

I like to place the rod around the edge of the counter top or the back of the table, so that the rod does not come off the rod.6.

Once the rods are hanging on the countertop, I place them on the bedsheet and place them around the edges of the bed.7.

Make sure to cover the rods with a towel, so they do not dry out.8.

Use a ruler to measure how many rods you will need to hang from the rod to the counter.

I used my ruler to make sure I had enough rods.9.

I then took my kitchen knife and cut the rods in half and attached the ends to the rods.10.

The end of the rod I attached to the back end of my bed sheets.11.

Put one rod in each corner of my room.12.

I also put a bedsheet on the rod and the rod in my bed.13.

Make a circle of fabric and cut out a line for each rod.14.

Tie a rope around the end, so it will not slip off.15.

Hang the rods on the curtain rods.16.

Place one rod at the back edge of a counter top, and one rod around one of the corners of the counters, making sure the rods do not come loose.17.

Tie the rods together, so you can put up a curtain on the top.18.

When you’re ready to hang, you can attach the curtain rod holders to the counters or any other object you like.19.

Be sure to add the rod-holder strips to your decorations.