Linen curtains for curtain-draped home

Linen curtain-covered curtains can be used as a decorating piece in any room.

The idea behind this simple and inexpensive DIY project is that the curtains can also serve as a curtain-closing mechanism.

The curtains can act as a decorative curtain when the curtains are opened and closed.

You can also use the curtains to make curtains for the entrance of a house, as seen in the picture below.

To start, you need to make the curtains as per the instructions.

Start with a large white fabric, then add some ribbon, tape and glue.

The more you use the ribbon, the better the curtains will look.

Then, take the curtain and cut it in half to create a curtain.

Tie the curtain with a knot.

This can be done either on the inside of the curtain, or at the base of the curtains.

Once the curtains have been cut, wrap the curtains in cloth to keep the curtains from getting damaged.

If you need extra decoration, you can also add some silk or satin fabric to make a simple lace-up curtain.

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