Trump to unveil ‘bamboo’ curtain shops

A day after President Donald Trump announced the appointment of a “bamboo” curtain shop as a part of his immigration reform package, the Trump administration is set to unveil the first of the new businesses, which will be staffed by immigrants who have worked in the US as laborers.

The shops will be located in border towns and cities, and will be set up at “high-demand places,” according to a memo from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The companies, to be run by undocumented immigrants, will sell bamboo, bamboo curtain, bamboo sheets and bamboo curtains to Americans who need them, and provide other supplies such as bamboo, sewing machines, bamboo needles and other items.

Trump said the business will create “a new chapter in American manufacturing” and will bring “goods and services to communities across the country.”

“The bamboo industry is a good example of how we are changing the way we manufacture and produce goods, from the factories in China, to the shops in the U.S.,” Trump said.

He said the businesses will be paid in cash and have “good safety records,” though the government has said it may revoke the visas of those that are caught breaking the law.

The announcement comes as Trump is making a bid to woo Latino voters.

He has vowed to make America “great again” for those in the country illegally, but his efforts have met with resistance from many Latino leaders.

After the inauguration, several Latino leaders urged Trump to “go beyond the rhetoric” and to work with immigrants.

Trump, meanwhile, is expected to unveil a border wall that would be constructed on the southern border.

Trump said during his campaign that he would not build the wall.

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