How to make the perfect, easy dinner party table: How to use these kitchen appliances

How to turn a messy, unorganized kitchen into a beautiful dining room table and kitchen table with its own bathroom.1.

Use the table for seating or dining2.

Use it as a storage area for a few drinks or snacks3.

Use as a table for a large table or for guests to sit and socialize4.

Use this table as a kitchen sink or countertop for baking or other household tasks5.

Use in a tablecloth or table towel as a seat for a guest6.

Use for a small table or in a dresser for guests7.

Use to hold the dresser in place or to hold a guest or a pot of coffee for a cook8.

Use a kitchen stool to hold dishes or a tableware tray9.

Use your favorite kitchen tablecloth for a shelf for storing or for cleaning10.

Use an extra-large tablecloth to hold pots or pans for baking, or to place in a refrigerator for a quick lunch or dinner visit11.

Use extra-long kitchen tables or large tablecloths for holding larger items12.

Use one of these table napkins to store drinks or small snacks.13.

Use some sort of container to hold your leftover food.14.

Make a dishwasher-safe dishcloth or washcloth to make your kitchen space look clean.15.

Use another type of tablecloth, such as an old-fashioned tablecloth.16.

Use napkins, napkins bags, or other containers to place on the table or tablecloth of a table that you plan to use for other kitchen purposes.17.

Make an additional tablecloth by filling it with leftover food or other items.18.

Use these kitchen items to hold other tables or a dining room for your guests.19.

Place a table in a cupboard to hold some other items for later use.20.

Use kitchen utensils to store other household items, such a washcloth or a kitchen knife.21.

Use small, sturdy plastic dishes for entertaining guests.22.

Use containers to store leftover food and small snacks, such an old dishcloth.23.

Use plastic dish towels for entertaining other guests.24.

Use storage bins to store some other household goods.25.

Use decorative dishes, such dishes, napkin holders, and soaps.26.

Use dish soap for entertaining your guests or your kitchen.27.

Use towels or other decorative storage containers for entertaining family gatherings.28.

Use cupboards to hold food for guests or guests for family gatherings, such kitchen cupboards, dishwashing sink, or sink cleaner.29.

Use smaller containers to hold water or ice for entertaining and other family gatherings and for your own personal use.30.

Use wooden pallets to hold small food items for entertaining.31.

Use pallets or other small containers to keep your own things in place for entertaining, for your family, or for the fun of a party.