How to tell if your curtain bang is a curtain ring

A curtain bang may not be an actual ring.

It may look like a ring, but in reality it is just a curtain hanging off your door or window.

That is the reason why you may see people saying they “saw” the curtain bang in their bathroom.

“It is a fake ring,” says Dr Jane Lachlan, a lecturer in dermatology and cosmetic surgery at the University of Melbourne.

But it is not the first time someone has mistaken a curtain bang for a ring.

“We’ve seen people come in with fake bangs and see them as real bangs,” she says.

If you think you’ve seen a curtain-banging curtain, don’t be fooled.

You’re more likely to be fooled by the ring than the bang.

Dr Lachlon has studied people who have been tricked by fake curtain bang rings for more than a decade.

She says people are often fooled by a ring without knowing what it is.

“People will see a ring and assume it’s a curtain.

That’s the real problem,” she explains.

“I can see how someone might see a curtain as a curtain and then think, ‘I’m not going to be caught.'”

The real problem lies with the way the rings are made.

Dr Chris O’Brien from Dermatology Victoria says ring makers make the rings by grinding down a material called mica.

It is used to make plastics and can be as thick as a human hair.

It’s a thin material, and the thickness of the material makes it difficult to see inside the ring, so people may mistake it for a curtain or a ring ring.

If your ring is not a ring but just a fake curtain, then you can tell it’s not a curtain because it has a flat ring.

However, if your ring has a ring shape, like a square, then it might be a ring with a flat edge.

“Ring makers can make rings that look like curtain bang but are actually a ring that looks like a curtain,” says Professor O’Connor.

“The real problem is that they are made by grinding the mica into a flat surface.”

The problem with ring makers making fake curtain rings is they are hard to recognise, Dr O’Donnell says.

“If you see a genuine curtain ring and a fake one, the one with the flat ring is likely to have been manufactured by ring makers and may not look like the real thing.”

How to spot a fake bang It’s important to tell someone who has seen your curtain-bang, so it can be checked out.

You can find out if your bang looks like it came from a ring shop or a fake shop on the internet.

If it looks like the ring is made from mica, you should ask for a sample.

If they don’t offer a sample, you can still check it out.

The best way to check whether a ring is a ring or a curtain is to look at the ring itself.

If there are any marks, or the ring doesn’t match the size of the curtain, you are probably seeing a fake.

But if you see that your ring looks like one, then your bang is probably a ring as opposed to a curtain, and you should give it a call.