IKEA blackout curtains, floor curtains and bedroom divider curtains: What’s the deal?

IKEAS is making its curtains available for purchase through the company’s online store on Dec. 13, the company announced on Twitter.

The company has been testing the curtains for two months, the tweet said.

The curtains have been designed by IKEARTS creative team to “create a stylish and elegant home with a modern touch.”

The curtains are made from durable and lightweight material and feature “unique designs that blend with the IKEAFORCE home decor and design language,” according to the company.

The “Colored Coloring Wall” curtains are available for $9.99 each, with a 15% discount for customers who purchase a $49.99 or higher purchase.

The $59.99 curtains have a wall design that includes a colored curtain, which is made up of a mesh material and an opaque shade that blends into the wall.

The curtain is designed to “bring the natural light into your home,” according IKEAPIRATES website.

The IKEAWorks product line includes curtains, bedding, bedside lamps, tables and chairs, curtains for children’s bedrooms, and curtains for offices.IKEA, a Swedish furniture and furnishings company, has been making products like curtains since 1999.