Target blackout curtains will come with curtains that can be removed

The curtain rods that can extend into the ceiling and pull down curtains are no longer standard in most homes, but there are still a few that can.

The curtains on the Target blackout curtain rods will come in the following colors: orange, pink, and blue.

They’ll be available starting this spring for $100.

And if you’re interested in trying them out, Target has posted an online tutorial that walks you through how to remove them.

“It’s just really fun to try out,” said Rob Schulte, senior product manager at Target.

“If you can see how easy it is to remove the curtains and what they do for your room, then I think that’s the perfect time to get one.”

The company has also posted a list of other ways you can use them.

To remove them, just put the curtain rod down on the floor and pull it up.

Then, when the curtain rods are down, you just pull them up.

The rods also come in a variety of colors, and the curtains can be adjusted to your room’s color and size, too.

The price is $50 per rod, and you’ll also have to pay for shipping.

To try out the curtains, you’ll have to buy the curtains themselves, which are available for $30 per rod.

They also come with an optional attachment kit, which you can add for $15.

Target says they’ll send you a survey at the end of April to help you decide what color curtains to buy.