What to do when you’re buying a curtain rod and you don’t want to wear a curtain

I got the idea for this post while making dinner for the last couple of weeks of my honeymoon.

As a long time fan of country shower curtains, I’m used to trying to keep my curtains from getting too close to the ground.

After all, if I can’t have my curtains hanging directly over my bed, I’d rather have my curtain rods in the shade of my own backyard or the porch.

The problem with these curtain rods is that, well, they’re not actually curtains.

They’re just a piece of fabric that hangs down between the floor and the wall of your home.

It’s the perfect way to cover a bathroom wall or a bathroom vanity, but when it comes to shower curtains?

Not so much.

They can come in many shapes and sizes and are designed to be a good match for the curtain rods that you have hanging around your home (or, heck, even on your porch, which is where I used to hang my curtain rod). If you don