Why are so many people falling into ice and snow?

More stories from the capital region: A new home for the Ottawa region is being built in the city’s eastern suburbs.

The new home is part of a new $3.5-billion, 1.8-kilometre stretch of the Ottawa River that will be part of the city of Ottawa’s $4.4-billion Downtown Crossing project.

Construction is expected to be complete by 2021.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said he believes the project will bring more economic opportunities to the region.

“It’s going to be a lot more jobs, a lot of good economic activity, it will be good for our city,” Watson said.

“So we’re really excited about that.”

The project includes a new residential tower, a hotel and office building, an underground parking garage, a new ferry terminal and a new pedestrian plaza.

Watson said the new developments will be built on the same site that was previously home to the city hall.

He said the project is not about “gimmicks” but is designed to be economically sound.

“This is a very sustainable development that will provide a great residential, retail and commercial amenity that will support the surrounding community,” Watson told CBC Ottawa.

The Ottawa River bridge is expected take up more than 1.5 kilometres of the riverfront, according to the provincial government.

In the last two years, the city has received more than $2.5 million in federal funding for the project.

The project is part in a $4-million expansion of the Rideau Canal to create the Ottawa Metro Rail line, which is expected in 2021.

A total of $7.5 billion has been allocated for the Rideauras project, including $4 million for the bridge.

The Rideau is expected be completed by 2020.

Ottawa will be the first Canadian city to receive a $100-million federal grant to build a $1.5 kilometre underground bridge to connect the Ottawa Valley to the downtown.

The first phase of the project, which was originally slated to cost $2 billion, was delayed because of a funding issue.

The federal government announced last year it would contribute $1 billion toward the project but has since reduced the amount.

The government has also committed to building another $1-billion underground bridge that will connect the Rideuauras to the Ottawa Airport.

In addition, Ottawa’s city hall has been built in partnership with the province.

The $2-billion project includes the development of the existing Rideau Valley Centre and a proposed $1 million, four-lane bridge over the Ottawa Creek.

The second phase of that project is expected by 2021 and will involve building a new, two-lane Rideau Riverwalk.