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Our Story

We began analphamale.com in July 2019.

When we were 15 years old, we used to fight over who is the real alpha among us in our classroom. We secretly used to read articles on “How to be an alpha male” and watch Youtube videos on the same to make ourselves better than one another.

And, after three years of educating myself,  understood that being Alpha is being Happy.

Now, I and Mouli help you to rediscover yourself.

— Guhan

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Guhan is the founder and SEO manager of the blog. He is an engineering college-goer. Guhan loves photography and claims to be an expert low light and slow shutter photographer. He also loves to hit the gyms regularly to keep in shape. Guhan has an undisclosed fitness channel on YouTube where he uploads his monthly transformation and some weird shit. He plans to disclose his channel on 01 July 2020.

Mouli is the co-founder and a writer of the blog. He is also an engineering college-goer. He is known for his renowned style and killer confidence. Moreover, he loves to travel around the globe. He runs the official YouTube channel of the site. (Instagram – @moulisharmayt)