Traditional curtain rods in style

Traditional curtain rod manufacturers are getting back into the business of designing curtain rods that will withstand high winds and even hail.They are still working on that, too.The New Zealand-based Cone & Coleman company announced today that it has redesigned its curtain rods for use on stage curtains.The new design […]

How to Get the Perfect Curtain in Every Home

This post originally appeared on Home Depot’s blog.Home Depot is a trusted source for home décor ideas and accessories, with a wide variety of wall coverings, curtains, and bedding options to choose from.It’s the best place to find everything from curtains and covers to curtains and bedspreaders, so you can […]

Which curtain fabrics should you use?

This article is part of CBC’s ‘Curtain Fabric’ series, which looks at fabrics that are used on walls and ceilings to create beautiful and stylish curtains.Find out what’s in our ‘Curved’ section.The curtain fabric on the left is the curtain fabric from our curtained floor.The curtain fabric that is used […]

How to build a wall of cream curtains

By Tanya Bowers, WSJ Managing EditorA few years ago, I decided to put up a curtain curtain that I had made for my home and office.I have seen many different types of curtains that have come out of the box and have turned out wonderful.They are simple, easy to put […]

How to make your own curtain rods

Cheap curtain rods are a staple of the kitchen and can be found at most restaurants.But you can also make them from your own items.This tutorial will walk you through how to make a cheap curtain rod holder that can be put up to make the perfect gift for anyone […]

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